Experience a Beautiful Cruise and All-You-Can-Drink Japanese Hospitality in Tokyo!

  • Yakatabune Cruisers are Japanese old-fashioned houseboats which operate on the Tokyo waterfront and were once very popular among wealthy business people and highly-ranked samurai during the Edo period for leisure and entertainment.

    Nowadays, it is a popular excursion trip for everyone where passengers are able to enjoy beautiful views of Tokyo’s famous landmarks such as the Tokyo Skytree, the Rainbow Bridge, and so on while enjoying delicious Japanese cuisine and hospitality.

    Yakatabune Cruisers

    There is a total of 108 Japanese and Western Style Yakatabune Cruisers all over Japan which are generally wider and more stable so are less likely to roll. Although it isn’t likely for passengers to experience seasickness, it’s advised to bring over-the-counter medication just in case.

    As for boarding areas, there are so many to choose from with some of the main areas being Tsukishima, Hamamatsucho, and Asakusa.

    Hire a boat

    The cruisers can also be hired for groups of 10-15 people on weekdays and 15-25 people on weekends or holidays. Prices vary but are usually around 10,800 yen per person (including tax) which covers a meal and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the entire excursion tour of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    During March and April, the excursion will also include a cherry blossom viewing. You can also choose your departure time, from 12 pm to 7 pm. Facilities include toilets, karaoke, air-conditioning, chairs, as well as life-saving devices.

    Additional Information

    Children are also welcome on the cruise where there is a 50% discount for elementary students. Middle-school students and over are charged the same as adult prices. Also, note that the drinking law in Japan is 20 years and over.

    As always, there are also cancellation penalties which include:

    • up to 30 days before departure has 10% penalty fee
    • 15-29 days before departure has 30% penalty fee
    • 7-14 days before departure has 50% penalty fee
    • 2-6 days before departure has 70% penalty fee
    • 100% penalty fee will be charged for cancellations a day before or on the day of departure

    So, there you go! If you would like to experience this amazing excursion and enjoy Japanese cuisine and hospitality while cruising through Tokyo, be sure to book early. This is a great opportunity to meet some people and experience a new and fun dining experience during your stay in Japan.

    Check out Voyagin for any deals or the below websites below for more information.

    Yakatabune Kumiai Website
    Funasei Website


    Featured image: www.photo-ac.com

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