A Packing Company Provides Innovative Beds for Kumamoto Earthquake Evacuees

  • While the earthquake in Kumamoto has had devastating effects, the kindness of humanity will be shown after a disaster. Good samaritans have offered help to residents of Kumamoto in various ways such as fixing broken pottery, and now a paper and cardboard company is offering its help using what it does best.

    Cardboard Beds?

    Staying in a shelter usually means lack of comfortable places to sleep as many have to resort to sleeping on thin mats placed on the floor. Therefore, J Packs company wants to at least make these residents feel more comfortable by providing beds for them! However, the beds are not the conventional types but are made from cardboard, which the company specializes in.

    The idea of sleeping on cardboard beds may not seem like a great idea at first due to the misconception that the bed would be pretty weak and might collapse. However, this innovative bed made from cardboard is strong enough to withstand the weight of around 20 people! Thus, there is certainly nothing to worry about using the cardboard as a bed for a single person. It shows how good the quality of the cardboard is, which works in favor of boosting the reputation of J Packs.

    How Does It Work?

    After assembling the cardboard bed, a mattress can be placed on top for maximum comfort. There is also cardboard which acts as walls to give more privacy to the evacuees! This is certainly very considerate.

    Aside from being a bed or a couch to sit on, the boxes also function like boxes are supposed to, which means they are used to store items. Using the boxes, the evacuees at the shelter would be able to store their personal items which make up the base of the beds.

    The cardboard beds have previously been used for those affected by the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. While the cardboard beds may not replace the comfort of sleeping in regular beds, they are definitely more comfortable than lying on thin mats placed on the floor!

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