Mr Kanso: Weird and Tasty Canned Food to Compliment Good Japanese Beer!

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  • Who knew that a bar that only sold canned food could be so popular? There are many canned food bars in Japan, but the most prominent of them all is Mr. Kanso with many branches spanning all over Japan. Mr. Kanso is the oldest canned food bar in Japan and was opened in 2002. The restaurant and café company behind Mr. Kanso is Clean Brothers.

    Mr Kanso

    When you enter the bar, you will be amazed by the overwhelming number of cans. Not only that, but there are many different varieties available, from the safer options such as the omelet, takoyaki, and curry, to more adventurous options like sea lion meat, horse meat, and edible insects. Hence, if you cannot read Japanese and do not understand the content of the can by looking at the image on the label, it can be a pretty risky adventure. Also, as the shop specializes in selling canned food, it even sells exclusively-made canned food under the Mr. Kanso brand!

    Variety and prices

    As the cans are replaced by new ones every now and then, there are also new varieties available, so it isn’t easy to get bored if you’re a regular visitor! Like in many sushi bars, different colored stickers are used to indicate the prices of the cans. The cheapest cans will cost 200 yen each and are labeled with red stickers while the most expensive cans are priced at 2000 yen each and labeled with a black sticker.

    How it’s prepared

    Visitors simply need to select their canned food preference and pay for it at the cashier. After that, the staff will open it for you to enjoy at the bar. While certain types are served just as it is, some require cooking or heating which the staff will do for you. Therefore, you do not have to eat cold food straight out of the can! Some of the food will even be cooked with additional toppings and other ingredients.

    While canned food is commonly associated with being an unhealthy alternative laden with preservatives, canned food in Japan is considered higher in quality and these canned options, in particular, are very delicious. Also, if you’d rather take it home to try in your own time, then take away is an option too!

    Mr Kanso Website*Japanese Only

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