Burger King’s Meat–Scented Perfume: April Fool’s Joke?

  • The western world was definitely prepared for April 1st, so it was not surprising to see hoaxes and crazy news on the Internet. Brands made funny statements like Honda announcing the first do-it-yourself car or the Californian company inventing “MouseBolt”, the first live-mouse-based charger. Social media entered the world of fools with the Twitter helmet which allows you to tweet with a simple pecking head motion.


    But this happened outside Japan and inside Japan you would never see a newspaper publishing any false news just for the sake of the day. This might be due to the Japanese being known to be serious and some people might get very upset or angry if an April fools joke was found in a Japanese newspaper.
    So are there no April Fools jokes in Japan? Wait, this can not be said for sure anymore.

    Burger King’s prank?

    Burger King Japan announced a limited-edition meat perfume called “Flame-Grilled Fragrance” that would be sold on April 1st 2015 only. Sounds like a prank, doesn’t it? In Japan you never know what is going on.

    To find out whether Burger King was one of the first companies in Japan to do a real April’s Fool prank, a blogger went to the restaurant in Shibuya and was not disappointed: They were actually selling the perfume! Japan has a huge market and people line up for rare items, so it was something, that Burger King really decided to go through, even if that meant marketing a meat-flavoured perfume, just for the sake of promotion.

    It was sold for 5000¥ together with a Whopper Burger.


    Apparently, the perfume does not smell that good and is not similar to meat, but at least Burger King kind of pioneered in attracting customers on April’s Fools Day, while other would not believe what they see.

    What will come next? First black burgers, now meat perfume… let’s see how Burger King is going to impress their customers next time!

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