3 Beautifully Blue and Pristine Lakes in Japan to Relax By

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  • Looking at lakes can be calming, and even bring you ideas if you are experiencing a creative block. Japan is blessed with a variety of lakes, and the beautiful blue lakes that are in the country are some of the prettiest and they should not be missed! Here are 3 blue lakes in Japan which you can visit.


    This lake which is located in Yamagata has a diameter of about 20 meters and a depth of about 5 meters. As it is believed that there is a deity at the lake, the lake has been referred to with the suffix “-sama” which is used to address a person with respect. There is also a belief that the fish living in the lake have only an eye, in honor of Kamakura Gongoro Kagesama, a samurai known to continue fighting despite losing an eye. The water is said to be very clean and clear.



    In Aomori, there is a popular tourist destination known as Juniko which means twelve lakes. Despite being numbered 12, there are actually 33 lakes and ponds. One of the most popular lakes is Aoike due to its beautiful blue color which almost looks artificial but really is a natural phenomenon. The reason for the extreme blue tinge is unknown, which adds to its mystic quality. The lake is surrounded by trees and the best seasons to view the lake are during spring and summer when the trees are lush and green.


    Kaminoko Ike

    Kaminoko Ike is located in Kiyosato-cho, Hokkaido, and its name means Child of God Lake. The lake is believed to have mystical energy. It is a highly transparent lake and, coupled with its beautiful blue tinge, it brings about a sense of tranquility and mystery. The color changes according to seasons, which can vary from sapphire blue to emerald green. As the temperature of the water remains constant, the fallen leaves do not decompose but sink into the lake.


    If you enjoying gazing at nature’s wonder, then visiting these blue lakes in Japan should definitely be on your bucket list!

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