Treat yourself with a Relaxing Countryside Getaway to Rejuvenate in Hyogo!

  • Self-care is important in many ways and is a great way to help people recover from the stresses and the fatigue from being overworked. It is all about caring for the body and mind in a relaxing way to increase productivity and happiness.

    So, if you’re feeling stressed, why not take some time out from work and experience the Japanese countryside and refreshing hot springs by traveling to Yumenoi-an Yuyake-Koyake in Himeji. This will definitely help to refresh and rejuvenate anyone that needs a relaxing break from their everyday lives.

    About the Inn

    Yuyake-Koyake is a Japanese Inn (ryokan) which is considered to be an Annex of Yumenoi, a ryokan located in Shiota Onsen of Hyogo Prefecture. The place is located in the rural mountainside which is a 40-minute drive from Himeji Castle, one of Japan’s several World Heritage Sites.

    The inn is equipped with open-air baths which is considered very appealing to many guests who want to relax and unwind. There are primarily 17 guest rooms in which a standard room consists tatami flooring, twin beds, and an open-air spring bath. Each room is equipped with a TV, air-conditioning, a shower room, CD player, espresso maker, and PC LAN socket. Other facilities of the inn include a restaurant, garden, salon, self-service bar, and kiosk.

    Check-in and rates

    The inn’s check-in time is 3 pm while check-out is 11 am and room rates depend on the season and the number of guests per room. However, these are the basic rates for two to three persons per room:

    • during weekdays is 28,500 yen
    • on Saturdays or days before holidays is 33,750 yen
    • on holidays or Sundays is 29,550

    You can pay by either cash or Japanese credit card. High-season rates are Golden Week, New Year’s Day, and Obon Holidays. Also, if you want to go bathing, a tax of 150 yen per person will apply.

    Other attractions

    There is still plenty to explore in the area. Some of the historical places nearby include Himeji Castle which was designated as the first Japanese World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Koko-en which consists of nine beautiful gardens and the perfect place to see a samurai house, and Shoshozan which is an old temple of the Tendai sect which is accessible by ropeway.

    So, what do you think? Does Yuyake-Koyake sound like the perfect place for you? If so, be sure to check it out and enjoy time away and the beautiful surroundings of green-rich woodlands and hand-made furniture. It is tranquility at its best where you can relax and rejuvenate to your heart’s content.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!


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