Explore the Legend and Beauty of Japan’s Famous Double-Peak Mount Tsukuba!

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  • Tsukuba is a city in Japan which is famous for pilgrimages and in line with this, is also surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. One of the most popular mountains in the area, as well as the whole of Japan, is Mount Tsukuba which is situated almost at the center of Ibaraki prefecture. It is known for its double peaks: Mount Nyotai and Mount Nantai. Owing to its abundant vegetation, it produces a variety of colors with purple being the most dominant, thus, it is also known as the “purple mountain”.

    Mountain Legend

    In most cases, mountains are connected with certain legends in Japanese history and Mount Tsukuba is no different with one story dating back over a thousand years ago:

    One deity descended from heaven and asked two mountains – Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tsukuba – for a place to spend the night. Mt. Fuji refused thinking that it was perfect enough and didn’t require any further blessings. However, Mt. Tsukuba welcomed the deity and even offered food and water. Many people believe that this is why Mt. Fuji is a cold, desolate mountain while Mt. Tsukuba bursts with vibrant colors and vegetation.

    Another chronicle claims that the Japanese origin started in Mt. Tsukuba. The male divinity was enshrined in Mt. Nantai while the female divinity in Mt. Nyotai. The union of the two in marriage gave birth to other deities in Japan.


    As the mountain has been deeply connected with religion for many years, most its top attractions are centuries old. One of these is the ancient shrine, Tsukuba-san-jinja, which is very popular among tourists and locals for traditional Japanese weddings. Mt. Tsukuba is a significant place of worship where a special ritual called, “Ozagawarisai”, occurs here every year during spring and autumn.

    If you would like to venture to the mountain top, follow the trail that begins at the mountain’s east foot. On this trail, you’ll get to see commanding flowering plants that grow all year ’round, huge rocks, and plenty more of nature’s beauty that makes the hike well worth it!

    Japan’s Purple mountain is definitely blessed with an abundance of beauty and is the perfect spot for trailers, hikers, pilgrims, and anyone who loves nature. This majestic mountain is naturally surrounded by a myriad of trees, vibrant flowers, and the sound of buzzing insects. It truly is a peaceful adventure and a great way to soak in Japan’s natural beauty!

    Japan National Tourism Organization Website


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