Spice Up Your Magical Girl Madoka Magica Anime Collection with Cute Lingerie!

  • Ladies! If you’re looking for cute undergarments to bring your daily apparel to life then listen up closely because Super Groupies has introduced a new Madoka Magica anime-inspired lingerie range. Guys, also take note as this may be the perfect gift for your special one!

    Magical Girl Madoka Magica Lingerie

    Super Groupies has announced the second batch of collaborated lingerie for Magical Girl Madoka Magica with two more designs recently introduced. Although the first batch’s reservation period may have passed (April 17th), I’m sure some of you will not miss out on the opportunity to pre-book these recently released cute designs.

    Pre-booking dates:

    From 2nd May until 23rd May, Super Groupies will be taking reservations for the Miki Sayaka and Sakura Kyouko model lingerie. Both of these lingerie sets have a great combination of light and bold colors and not to mention the ‘chic’ cute designs it bears.

    Miki Sayaka Lingerie Set

    Sayaka’s model lingerie set is blue and shows off an abundance of lace to give the effect of purity. Sayaka’s lingerie set also features the swaying fortissimo charm at the center of the bra and uses asymmetry well for the laces’ gradation.

    Sakura Kyouko Lingerie Set

    Kyouko’s lingerie set shows off an adult like aura with deep crimson monotone laces. It features Kyouko’s black ribbon hair accessory placed in the center of the bra and its design is cool and attractive and resembles the skirt that Kyouko often wears.

    Price and free gift

    Both lingerie sets are sold for 8,800 yen (exclusive of tax) and also comes with a free gift of either a special Miki Sayaka or Sakura Kyouko illustration depending on the set you order. Both illustrations are of Sayaka and Kyouko shopping (separately) for lingerie too!

    So, there you go! If you’re a huge fan of the magical girl anime series, then these Madoka Magica undergarments are the perfect addition to your collection of merchandise. On top of that, these make great gifts too, guys so get ordering!

    Super Groupies Website*Japanese Only

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