Stay at the Beautiful and Green Qraud Onsen Hotel in Shikoku

  • In the rustic country town of Ino, just west of Kochi on Shikoku island, lies a hotel and onsen overlooking the Shimanto River, the QRAUD Tosawashi Kougeimura Hotel. This quaint hotel is owned and run by a local family that lives in the area. Here you can experience paper making in a workshop out back while relaxing near the river and mountains.


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    Craft Hotel


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    What you see in the picture above is beautiful work done by the paper mill workers at the hotel. The material you see above is not cloth, but actual paper! For a fee, you can experience making your own paper here where you will lay dried flowers, leaves, and other props on your handmade paper. After that, the paper is pressed, and you are free to venture the area while it is dried and prepped for you to take home.

    If you wish to stay in the hotel grounds, there is a beautiful garden courtyard to relax in. The building you see behind the wall is a famous and old building that is part of the hotel. It is a traditional Japanese style room decorated with a taste of the past. If there are no guests currently staying there, the owner or workers will let you peek inside for a quick look at the unique decor.

    The River


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    If you are feeling a bit adventurous, there is a walkway you can follow to have a short hike around the area. There is a path below that leads you to the river, where you can rent a barbecue set from the hotel to enjoy a riverside barbecue. Many visitors often just play in the river or walk in the area. The Shimanto river is considered one of the cleanest rivers in Japan, and definitely the cleanest river in Shimanto.

    If you are in the Kochi City area or get the opportunity to visit Ino Town, do pay the QRAUD Tosawashi Kougeimura Hotel a visit. It is a relaxing location with a paper mill and museum, in-house onsen, beautiful flowers and garden walkways, and of course the refreshing Shimanto River right next-door. It is enough to make you forget about your busy life for a while, and spend some quality time!

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