Spend Summer Island Hopping Around Japan’s Stunning Kujuku Islands!

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  • Have you ever considered island hopping in Japan? If not, read on to find out more information on one of the beautiful places to do so. In the west coast of Kitamatsuura Peninsula is a group of islands, Kujuku Islands, designated as being a part of Saikai National Park, which is a marine park in Nagasaki Prefecture.

    It is here where you can begin your island hopping adventure but please be aware that landing on any of the uninhabited islands is not permitted. However, there are eco-minded tour cruises that you can join that will take you close enough to see its beauty without breaking any rules.

    Welcome to Kujuku Islands

    The island’s name originates from the Japanese word “kujuku” meaning “ninety-nine” but is also a term used to refer to a large or infinite number. The area actually consists of 208 islands, big and small, which stretch along the coastline from Sasebo to Hirado. Among these, the largest island is Kuro-shima (“Black Island”) which covers an area of 5.3 kilometers squared while the second largest is Taka-shima (“High Island”) with an area of 2.3 kilometers squared.

    Also, there are only four islands that are inhabited and are served by a ferry system that connects to the mainland. All the other islands are forested places full of sticking out root crops and haven’t been touched by human hands and therefore, the islands have been regarded as a rich environment which has to be protected and nurtured.

    Island Hopping

    If you would like to go on a tour that cruises from one island to the next, the Pearl Queen multi-deck white ferry is a great option. It will take you on a tour for about an hour where you get to see the islands up close. The ferry sails every hour from 10 am to 3 pm with no sailing at noon and is great fun, especially during summer as the tour includes treasure hunting and plenty of games suitable for kids.

    Also, if you fancy cruising on your own, you can rent a single or double kayak as well as private tours if you’re traveling in a group. This is perfect for family bonding as well as an introduction to being eco-minded as well. So there you go! Are you keen on spending your summer island hopping around Japan’s beautiful Kujuku Islands?

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