Summer is Coming and so is Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s Spectacular Firefly Nights!

  • Summer is soon to come in Japan and if you haven’t decided yet what to do during the season, the firefly festival is an amazing experience. One firefly festival will be held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a five-star hotel with a luxury garden oasis in the heart of Japan’s capital. This is an annual event which will start taking place on May 20, 2016, until late June.

    Firefly Festivals in Japan

    A long time ago, fireflies outnumbered the neon lights of Tokyo; but nowadays, you will only see them in summer. These fascinating insects prefer a damp environment without any wind which is why they are seen in abundance over the summer months (May to June). Over the course of summer, night time firefly festivals are commonly held on the riverside particularly in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima.

    Special Summer Offers

    In line with honoring the annual firefly festival in the country, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo will be hosting firefly viewings in its massive botanical garden along with a special accommodation package at the Aqua Garden Hotaru Stay. This area was recently added last November and is quite spacious and includes a bedroom and living room.

    Included in the package are the following:

    • private firefly viewing (11 pm – 11.30 pm)
    • cocktails inspired by the firefly theme
    • access to the spa
    • late checkout (1 pm)

    This amazing package is priced at 53,000 yen per night.

    Fireflies Dinner Buffet

    The Firefly Buffet Dining service will also be available from 7 – 9 pm until June 30, 2016, and includes both Japanese and western signature dishes including drinks and desserts. Prices vary depending on the day; 9,800 yen for weekdays and 10,500 yen for Fridays and weekends. See here for more details.

    So what do you think? Will you be in Japan this summer? If so, don’t miss out on the amazing firefly festival events all across the country. Also, if you’d like to splash out on a spectacular firefly themed package, be sure to check out Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s special offer!

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