Ladies, Welcome Summer in the New Adorable Madoka Magica Swimwear Range!

  • As the cold breeze starts to subside, it’s a clear sign that the hot and humid summer season is hitting Japan very soon. Also, if you find yourself wandering through department stores and malls, you will start to notice that swimwear and summer outfits are popping up everywhere one by one. On top of that, Super Groupies are also ready to release their summer range for all the ladies out there planning to hit the beach this summer!

    Magical Girl Madoka Magica Swimwear

    Super Groupies has partnered up with MIIA to bring out these cute and fashionable Magical Girl Madoka Magica swimwear range focusing on two main characters adored by fans, the gentle Kaname Madoka, and the cold Akemi Homura.

    Kaname Madoka Swimwear


    Madoka’s swimwear represents her gentleness well by using a cute shade of pink. This three-piece consists of a top, shorts, and a bikini which contain soul gems and various shapes as the overall pattern of the design.

    Akemi Homura Swimwear


    Now Homura’s swimwear range is the opposite of Madoka’s in terms of color as it’s navy blue with a matching bikini and lavender shorts to match. The pattern of the design is the same as Madoka’s but tends to stand out more with the blue and white combination.P

    Price and Limited Time


    Both can be purchased for 15,000 yen at Super Groupies’ website and you’ll also receive a free special illustration as part of the purchase. However, you better be quick because they are only taking orders up until May 16th and the items will be delivered during the first half of August.

    While this new swimsuit range may resemble ‘indoor clothing’, you can rest assured as they have been made of 100% swimming material. These are perfect for those ready to take on the beach this summer and don’t like to show off too much skin.

    So do you like this new range of swimwear? If so, which do you prefer? Personally, the Madoka swimwear seems like the perfect color under the sun, but I also think the combination of blue and white on Homura’s swimwear is a great match too. So, if you’re looking forward to relaxing on the beach this summer, then why not consider investing in some new Madoka Magica swimwear?

    Super Groupies Website*Japanese Only

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