Shibuya109: Mecca of Japanese fashion

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  • When you visit Japan, you may want to visit Shibuya. When you want to get cute Japanese clothes, you should check Shibuya! There are many shopping malls in Shibuya, but my recommendations is Shibuya 109 which is one of the most famous shopping malls especially for girls. Actually, there is mens’ 109 too, but this time I’ll introduce girls’ Shibuya 109.

    What is Shibuya 109?

    Shibuya 109 is one of the boggst and most famous shopping malls in Shibuya which is really popular for teen girls. Is because there are many clothing shops, perfume shops, and restaurants. I guess you can find everything which is related to fashion in Shibuya 109. Also, probably you will see many Gals which is Japanese slung term meaning young and stylish girls. I think they are really cute, also as you see them, you will know what is the boom in Japan.

    Let’s get start shoes shopping!

    In the basement of 109, there are many shoes shops.


    Esperanza is the one of the most popular and famous shoes shop. As I said before, there are many shoes shops, however you should check here first, and I think you an find your favorite shoes!


    MIHATO is also located in basement of 109 building. MIHATO is characterized by the many number of shoes and its cheap cost.


    In 109, there are many clothing shops. The number of shops are almost 100 shops. Also, they are really unique. I’ll introduce my recommendations!


    Spinns is one of the most popular clothing shop in Japan. Their concept is “Attitude makes style”. As their concept describe, there are many unique fashion items. Also, there are not only just clothing, but also many interesting accessories. I think you can find your favorite one and it will be your “Attitude ”


    LIZ LISA is also one of the most famouse clothing shop. LIZ LISA is characterized by their type of clothing, which is extremely cute!


    When you feel tired of shopping, you can take a break in restaurants and cafe in 109!

    Cafe Ma Maison

    Here is the cafe that up you can take great break of shopping. In here, you can eat great pan cake, which is one of the trend of Japan lately. Inside of the cafe is really cute, and the desserts are so good. You can relax there, and you can enjoy shopping more!

    Here, I introduced about Shibuya 109. There are many people everyday, so maybe you will find what the trend of Japan nowadays. Also, I bet you gonna find your favorite shop there! Every girls who visit Japan, should go Shibuya 109!!


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