Fancy a New Fashionable Handbag Made from Traditional Japanese Paper?

  • Japan is a country that is abundant in well-preserved historical buildings and structures, fascinating cultural traditions, as well as beautiful arts and crafts. If you are passionate about art or are in awe of traditional Japanese arts and crafts then read on to find out how traditional Japanese paper (washi) has been transformed in modern times.

    What exactly is washi?

    Washi (和紙) is a style of paper that originated in Japan and is made using fibers from a variety of trees. The meaning can be broken down by its name where ‘wa’ (和) means Japanese and ‘shi’ (紙) means paper. Japanese paper (washi) is considered one of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage objects.

    Traditional uses of washi

    Washi is used in a variety of traditional arts such as origami, Japanese calligraphy (shodo), and ukiyo-e. Usually washi made from Mitsumata, Gampi, and Mulberry trees are used and considered the most popular kind. Also, washi is actually a lot tougher than ordinary paper.

    Modern day uses of washi

    Whether it’s ordinary paper or washi paper, paper is generally considered very fragile. However, thanks to the SUUQ brand by WACCA JAPAN, the use of washi paper has been reinvented to suit both modern times and durability.

    WACCA JAPAN is a store that specializes in washi paper and has created a variety of items in the SUUQ Brand range to choose from. The origin of the fabric brand SUUQ’s name was derived from the words ‘suku’ (漉く) meaning paper making and also ‘suku’ (透く) which means transparent.

    What makes SUUQ’s washi made items durable? The washi paper has been laminated which creates a different kind of beauty and feel to the original washi paper.

    Items available

    You can enjoy the traditional beauty and timeless values of washi every day by incorporating one (or more) of these new SUUQ products into your daily life, such as the washi paper book cover, clutch bag, and tote bag.

    The washi paper items from SUUQ definitely bring a classic yet ‘chic’ feel to modern times. If you’re interesting in grabbing one for yourself, they will go on sale from May 27th at WACCA Open Shop every Friday. This could be the perfect souvenir to take home and show off to all your family and friends!


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