The International Wine Challenge is Coming to Japan! Who Will Win the Sake Champion Title?

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  • The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is the most comprehensive and influential wine tasting competition in the world. It is host to many tasting challenges which give companies the chance to promote their award-winning wines. This coming May 2016, the 10th International Wine Challenge Sake Competition (a collaboration between Sake Samurai Association and International Wine Challenge) will be held in Hyogo Prefecture! There will be a three-day challenging competition of over a thousand sake entries of varying styles. Let’s check out the event!

    About the Event
    Wine bottles on the wooden shelf.

    Wine bottles on the wooden shelf.

    This is the second time that Japan will be hosting the IWC in its homeland. Most of the time, this traditional challenge takes place in Britain but due to import restrictions placed on beverages, it became reasonable to hold the event in Japan. The first time Japan hosted the event was in 2012. At that time, the competition was held in Tokyo and done two days in a row. It was hugely successful which also boosted international awareness. About 689 sakes were tasted and evaluated by judges coming from Asia, Europe, and North America. This time, the most experienced sake judges will be evaluating the taste of over a thousand entries.

    How is the Competition Done?

    sake competition 3

    Since Hyogo is one of Japan’s largest Sake producers, it was naturally chosen as the host for the coming event. The panel will consist of judges coming from Japan and abroad who will be giving a taste to nine categories of sake. The best-tasting sake will be awarded gold, silver or bronze medals. Some will also receive trophies. The award ceremony will be held on May 20 in Kobe (Ikuta Shrine). The Champion Sake will have the chance to be named during the annual event (IWC Awards Dinner, otherwise known as the “Oscars of the Wine Trade”) in the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London on July 7.

    This event encourages people to enjoy sake as one of the most renowned drinks around the world. It has also been boosting international awareness and increasing the number of sake consumers! What do you think about the event?

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