Experience This Tokyo Immense Food Festival Where the Goal Is to Fill Your Tummy!

  • What’s your image of the summer season? While each country has a different perspective of it, the three most significant ones that will first pop into mind in Japan would be fireworks, music, and of course, outdoor food festivals. If you’re in Japan and looking for a good place to enjoy both outdoor food and music, then the upcoming ManPaku Festival is the place you should head to!

    About the ManPaku Food Fest

    ManPuku is one of Japan’s largest food festivals that was first established in 2011 by Rockin On Japan. The event was later moved to Tachikawa’s Showa Kinen Park the following year and is now in its 5th year there. ManPaku is the abbreviated word for Manpaku Hakurankai, which means Full Stomach Fair or Exhibition in Japanese. The important goal of the event is to not let visitors go home with an empty stomach!

    ManPaku 2016

    ManPaku is one of Japan’s largest food festivals and is a great place if you’d like to experience a variety of dishes and music. The place for the event is divided into 9 areas consisting of Local Gourmet, World, Ramen, Gyoza, Seafood, Sweets, Products, Tama Area, and Official Restaurant. The eating and drinking area of the music festival will also gather popular shops from different regions of the country.

    Some of the noteworthy things to look out for the duration of the event include the Shigeki Men tag combination from Tachikawa’s top ramen shops Rakkan, Toto Honten, and Aoki, the Hakata Gyoza Marche, where you can eat and compare the famous gyoza, and also the different stone oven pizza servings from PizzaBakka.

    And in case there is rain, visitors to the event can continue enjoying their food and drinks at the center of the event area where there is a large tent already set up. This year there are 500 seats for visitors to use. There will also be a talk show and special live show, as well as a stage setup at night.

    If you’re lucky to visit on a Saturday or a Sunday, you’ll also get the chance to watch the weekend limited High-Class Fish Cutting show firsthand and they will be selling the cut fish thereafter.

    ManPaku 2016 will take place for a duration of 19 days this year from May 12th until May 30th at Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa City. Advance tickets are sold for 400 yen on weekdays, 700 yen for weekends, and 500 yen and 800 yen for on-site purchase. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy good food and entertainment under the summer sun, come on over the ManPaku 2016 with your friends or family and make sure to fill up those tummies!

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