Let Your Kids’ Imaginations Run Wild At The Interactive Team Lab Islands Exhibit!

  • Children of a young age are in the stage of development and learning. Because of that, their creative sides are much broader than those of the adults. Letting a child bring out their creative side helps them bring out their best and as adults, we should be there to support their creativity for the future.

    With that, there is an interactive place where children can not only use their imagination but also learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. If you have kids and are living here in Japan, you should bring them to the Team Lab Islands exhibit!

    Team Lab Islands Exhibit

    From April 29th to May 29th, the Team Lab Islands exhibit will be taking place at Aeon Mall Shimoda in Aomori and on July 15th to August 21st at Again (アゲイン) Hall in Nagano. Children who come to the exhibit can participate in a number of fun and interactive activities through which they can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.

    Sketch Aquarium

    The Sketch Aquarium is a part of the exhibit where children can use their imagination to create sea creatures on paper. But the thing to look forward to is how the drawings of these children will come to life by scanning their work and having it projected onto the virtual sea. The children can then see their work of art swim freely and they can also interact with it by touching a food bag to feed it.

    Hopscotch for Geniuses

    At Hopscotch for Geniuses, children can play hopscotch on a screen where circle, square and triangles shapes are floating. Once the children play and step on shapes of the same color or figure, the hopscotch area will change in color and make sounds.

    Light Ball Orchestra

    The Light Ball Orchestra is also a part of the exhibit where children can roll a ball, and with every action they make, the color and sounds will change forming an orchestra. The overhead balls are connected with the other balls so it will affect the other balls when touched.

    A Table Where Little People Live

    This part of the exhibit has an interactive table where little people run around. The children are able to interact with the little people by placing their hands or different objects on the table. The movements of the little people change depending on what object the children introduce them. The little people can go on from walking, jumping, sliding and even climbing.

    Story Of The Time Where Gods Were Everywhere

    And the last of the exhibit is the Story Of The Time Where Gods Were Everywhere. Children are able to interact with symbols on a large screen where the images take on a new form when touched. As more images are made, a story begins to arise through the interaction. The images are mostly of different animals and children will certainly enjoy the activity!

    With all the interactive activities available at the Team Lab Islands exhibit, children who come here are sure to have a great time while learning. If you’d like your kids to have the experience the exhibit is offering, bring them there while it’s still going on!

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