Bond With Some Adorably Prickly Pals at Japan’s First Ever Hedgehog Cafe!

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  • Hedgehogs are not commonly kept as pets around the world, but they can be domesticated. A newly opened cafe called “Harry” is trying to prove that hedgehogs are also fun and lovable pets that you can even cuddle! With the outstanding number of themed cafes in Tokyo, this one has surely gotten everyone’s attention. Let’s find out why.

    A Little About Hedgehogs

    Hedgehogs are animals which are easily recognizable by their spines. Unlike porcupines, their spines are not dangerous which makes it okay to touch them. Some of them are considered endangered while others can be kept as pets. They have a nocturnal way of life so they typically sleep during the day and stay up at night.

    The Cafe

    The cafe goes by the name “Harry” which is regarded as a play on the Japanese animal name, “harinezumi”. It recently opened in the Roppongi district of Tokyo in February and has been visited daily by many people. There are a total of 30 hedgehog breeds which are lounging around inside a glass tank. These are basically friendly if you touch them the right way which you will be taught when you enter. You can choose which hedgehog you want to pet. They come in various colors, names and prices. Some are even for sale if you want to adopt one.

    For an hour of play time, customers pay 1,000 yen during weekdays and 1,300 yen on weekends or holidays. Look out for a lot of long queues as the cafe is still new and many people are very much interested in paying it a visit!

    Aim of the Cafe

    The cafe aims to let people know that hedgehogs are no ordinary creatures but are also charming and capable of love just like cats and dogs. Though hedgehogs have long been sold as pets in Japan, the cafe is also aiming to let people get rid of the idea that these prickly animals are scary and hard to handle. As hedgehogs normally curl to protect themselves when you get one to feel relaxed, it finally opens up to show itself which is just adorable!

    Why not try visiting Harry Cafe to pet one of these cute prickly creatures. Who knows? They might turn out to become one of your best buddies in the world.

    Harry’s English Website

    Located in the same building

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