Vegetarians Rejoice! Japan’s Famous CoCo Ichi is Now Selling True Vegetarian Curry!

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  • CoCo Ichibanya (better known as CoCo Ichi in Japan) is a popular curry house serving different kinds of curry dishes at very affordable prices. It has continuously met the diverse needs of different customers from all over the world in a clean and reliable atmosphere. As a wish to satisfy all diners, the food chain has currently responded to the dietary preference of strict vegetarians by not including beef nor pork in the dish. This is what you call a true vegetarian curry!

    About the Food Chain

    CoCo Ichi started in 1978. It was able to sustain a large number of customers which allowed the business to expand. They have endeavored into growing daily every day in order to provide goods and services better than yesterday. It is centered on its business objective of sharing a feeling of happiness to all people related to the company. It has also opened many of its stores across the globe and even in the USA.

    CoCo Ichi’s Vegetarian Curry

    Curry is well-loved by many Japanese adults and kids. CoCo Ichi have accommodated the flavor of curry to every diner and have even added some twists to it. Since most people nowadays are very conscious of their diets, such as totally excluding meat from the plate, the food chain has introduced its vegetarian curry whose flavor has been amped up with a great amount of spice and onion. It has officially been considered part of its daily menu in all of its branches.

    A plate of the vegetarian curry (with rice) is slightly higher in price than the usual pork curry which is 500 yen. You also have the option to put any additional toppings you like that are added at an additional cost. In spite of the extra cash, it still seems a great way to experiment on your curry dish.

    If you want to check out CoCo Ichi’s vegetarian curry as well as the branches serving it, check out the list of stores (in Japanese) which might come in handy! Happy eating!

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