Raising Your Kids in Japan? Aoba-Japan International School’s Diverse Curriculum Will Impress You

  • It is said that the first 6 years of a child’s learning development is considered to be the most crucial of all. It is at this time that children establish strong connections and bonds that they need as they develop into mature adults in later years. If you’re living in or planning to live and Japan and are seeking for the best school for your child’s early development years, you can have them enrolled at Aoba-Japan International School (A-JIS). This school fully supports children’s growth in education, literacy, social interactions, play and creative skills.

    School’s Background

    A-JIS is a secular, co-educational school founded in 1976 which welcomes children of all nationalities and religious backgrounds. The school is located in Meguro and primarily highlights its kindergarten classes where students are given the chance to develop their individuality through different classes. The school as a whole provides international education for learners who are 3-18 years of age.

    The Early Years Program

    The school offers many programs in its curriculum. The Early Years Program is targeted to young children from 18 months to 5 years old. This program guides every learner in gaining knowledge and skills, developing deep understanding, demonstrating positive attitudes and taking responsible actions. Most of the tasks involved are focused on effective communication and problem-solving skills. Children are given the opportunity to play while the teacher guides them in learning.

    Japanese traditions and festivals are also given priorities where students are allowed to dress-up and take part in the activities. Since parents are considered to be the child’s first teachers, their participation in the child’s education is highly valued and appreciated. Their partnership with the child indicates a good motivating factor for the educational journey.

    A-JIS ensures to provide a meaningful learning experience according to best international practices. As each child is seen to be a potential leader in the future, the school puts emphasis on demonstrating positive attitudes.

    Ensure your child’s bright future ahead by starting their educational journey at A-JIS!

    Aoba-Japan International School

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