Try Krispy Kreme’s Latest ’Ice Kreme’ Donut Combo for the ’Koolest’ Treat this Summer!

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  • Ever dreamed of eating ice cream inside a donut? Well, dream no more as Krispy Kreme Japan has finally introduced its Kool Krispy Sandwich which allows customers to eat ice cream sandwiched in a donut. It went on sale in April and features vanilla and raspberry gelato ice cream flavors. It truly is a delicious looking dessert that will definitely keep you cool in summer!

    Krispy Kreme donut ideas


    Krispy Kreme is all about trying out something new with their original donuts and ultimately turns into something epic which is definitely the case with the new Kool Krispy Sandwiches. No more scooping ice cream out of a container, all you need to do now is take a huge bite out of this delicious mouthwatering ice cream donut sandwich. What a time-saver! It’s also considered very ‘flavor-wise’ too as the ice cream blends perfectly with the original Krispy Kreme glazed donut.

    The Kool Krispy Sandwich


    The donut is sliced in half and filled with oh-so-yummy sugary goodness! Which is of course, the ice cream – which is a combination of everyone’s favorite, vanilla and mouth-watering raspberry gelato. These will all be mixed together with a variety of frozen berries which makes it look so good that it could easily be considered a delicious work of art! And at 420 yen (3.74 USD), you can try it any Krispy Kreme across the country.

    However, the only drawback is the obvious fact that ice cream leaks. So you had better eat it quickly or at least plan ahead and prepare for the ice cream leaking between the donut holes!

    So there you go, yet another delicious treat to devour as you’re traveling through Japan this summer. So, if you haven’t already tried it, be sure to visit Krispy Kreme soon and try out their latest ice cream donut combo – you won’t regret it!

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