Japan’s Favorite Cheesecake Shop Pablo Is Now Selling a Limited Number of These Mini Treats!

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  • If you grew up with a sweet tooth, you’ll surely want to check out the different sweets offerings there are to try out. And while Tokyo serves a variety of those, Pablo is one name that has stuck with many not only in Japan but also to other countries where the brand has expanded.

    May is considered the last month of the spring season but it seems that Pablo is releasing some popular favorites for their consumers to enjoy. If you’re in Japan for a trip or staying here, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on these!

    Pablo Mini

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    Pablo Mini is a branch of the popular Pablo brand which just opened this year (2016) in Akihabara in February. The difference of Pablo Mini with other Pablo branches is that it only offers hand sized cheese tarts in plain, chocolate, and Uji matcha flavors. Pablo Mini is not only popular with the Japanese but also with foreign tourists.

    Pablo Mini Torokeru Tsubutsubu Ichigo

    Starting on May 15th, Pablo Mini will be releasing their newest flavor, the Torokeru Tsubutsubu Ichigo or translated as Melty Bits Strawberries in a limited quantity at their Pablo Mini branch in Akihabara alongside the plain, chocolate and Uji matcha flavors.

    The new flavor will have the same crunchy tart crust texture but will contain a creamy strawberry and cheese mix. What you should look out for in this snack is the strawberries’ sweet and sour balance and also the bits of strawberries as an accent. Each of these hand-sized treats will be sold for 230 yen (including tax).

    Having tried all the flavors of Pablo Mini and enjoying them, especially the unmatched plain cheese tart flavor, their newest selection is certainly something to look forward to if you like comparing flavors or food! The torokeru tsubutsubu ichigo is only sold for in limited quantities each day so make sure to head down to Pablo Mini early if you want to get your hands on one!

    Pablo Mini

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