Matcha Lovers! Head to Mister Donut For This Plethora of Limited-Time Treats!

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  • In the past few years, I’ve come to notice how a number of foreign people are taking an interest in anything related to matcha. Matcha drinks, matcha ice cream, not to mention matcha KitKat and Pocky and much more! While matcha has played a large part in a Japanese person’s life, it was never something different to us which makes some of us wonder why matcha is such a big hit.

    If you’re one of those who are into matcha, though, Mister Donut Japan is bringing out not one but seven matcha-related pastry items to their menu for a limited time! So if you’re planning to visit Japan for a trip, then you might want to drop by the donut chain!

    Mister Donut’s Japanese Donuts Series

    The popular donut chain brand Mister Donut will be bringing out its newest donut series focusing on Japanese ingredients warabimochi and matcha with 7 new items to look forward to.

    Starting off with the sandwich types, the warabimochi sandwich comes in two varieties with fillings that include azuki whipped cream or azuki matcha. The sandwich is made of matcha and the filling is surrounded with azuki beans while the whole sandwich is topped off with kinako sugar and powdered sugar and is priced at 172 yen.

    Next up is the all-time favorite old fashion donuts which come in 3 varieties. The donuts are all made with matcha and are available in matcha, chocolate matcha and double matcha flavors for 140 yen and 151 yen.

    And the last two items are the matcha kuromitsu stick with a side dipped in matcha priced at 140 yen and everyone’s favorite Pon De Ring, or Pon De Matcha Cream for this series. The chewy Pon De Matcha Cream is sliced in half and contains matcha cream in between, then sprinkled with sugar and a side decorated with matcha coating priced at 162 yen.

    The Japanese donuts series started May 11th until the end of July at Mister Donut branches. They’ll be offering the matcha loaded Japanese donuts list for more than 2 months so if you’re one of those people who love matcha. Make sure you don’t miss the chance!

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