Check Out the Classiest Yoshinoya Shop in Tokyo for Fast Food in a Fancy Atmosphere!

  • Yoshinoya’s popularity as a beef bowl chain has long been extending out of the country’s borders. And this time, it has thought out of the box by opening up a Yoshinoya like no other. The shop is located in JR Ebisu Station which is a renovation of an existing shop. It has been designed differently from the rest of the Yoshinoya chains as it is also putting coffee, electricity, and privacy on sale.

    Background of Yoshinoya

    If you’re a fan of late-night eats then I’m sure you’ve already had a handful of quick visits to Yoshinoya. It is probably the largest beef bowl chain in Japan which you can find practically anywhere. It was established in 1899 and made a name for itself as one of the tastiest, low-priced and quick food chains in the country. It is definitely a magnet for busy people who just want to grab a quick bite and do not have the luxury to even sit down! Tables are designed as counters where orders are to be taken. You can also make special requests with no extra charge.

    The New Yoshinoya

    A shop in JR Ebisu station was renovated into the latest Yoshinoya Restaurant which everyone seems to feel is much fancier than the others. Its indoor setting offers a different mood as it has been adorned with plants. The usual serpentine counter has also been removed and replaced with counters facing the wall or a potted plant. It will give you the privacy you need rather than staring at the other customer while eating. Though it prevents you from communicating with other people, they make sure your stay is comfortable as they provide outlets for your gadgets. You can definitely continue working on that project of yours or chat with your friends on the internet.

    A self-service coffee machine is also available for 150 yen a cup which is very affordable. For this reason, many female customers are actually visiting the shop since it opened in March 2011. This is something rare for the rest of the Yoshinoya food chains which are normally filled with hurried, hungry businessmen.

    There are so many things to love in the “fancy” Ebisu Yoshinoya. It doesn’t only provide delicious fast food but also a better environment of privacy. Check it out for yourself the next time you’re in Ebisu!

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