The Sweet Story of the Late Fukumaru, A Beloved Cat and Companion

  • The odd-eyed cat that has touched the hearts of many due to its special relationship with its owner recently passed away. The news saddened many fans and cat lovers, who also worry about the grieving grandmother who is left behind.

    Who Was Fukumaru?

    Fukumaru is a white male cat that has eyes in two different colors. The friendship between the cat and a grandmother named Misao Ihara has been captured by the photographer, Miyoko Ihara, who is also Misao’s granddaughter. The photos of the two became popular in Japan and in the United States due to the cute relationship. A photo book called Misao to Fukumaru had also been published.

    Fukumaru was born in 2003, and according to Misao, the cat was named as such to wish that the God of Fortune (Fuku) will take care of things and make everything smooth like a circle (maru). Both the cat and the grandmother have hearing problems, which caused the two of them to develop an even more special bond. The photos of the pair show that the cat always accompanied Misao in her daily countryside life, be it during gardening, bathing or dinner time.

    The Beloved Cat’s Passing

    Unfortunately, it was revealed in March 2016 that Fukumaru had passed away on the 22 of February 2016. The revelation was made on Miyoko’s Facebook. According to the Facebook post, Fukumaru had been suffering from kidney failure for several years. The cat was in a lot of pain and could not eat on its own despite still being able to move. Fukumaru died at the age of 11. The death of this charming cat has prompted many cat lovers to leave messages on the Facebook post. Miyoko also posted an update saying that she still has some unreleased photos of Fukumaru which will be released in the future.

    It is very disheartening when a loyal pet dies. We wish that grandmother Misao will be able to move on well and stay healthy!