Enjoy Your Japanese Style Western Breakfast at One of These 3 Great Coffee Shops

  • The best way to start your day is to have a sumptuous breakfast. Taking a few minutes to have something really good for your first meal will make a big difference for the rest of your day! If you love your cup of coffee with breakfast, then you should definitely not miss out on any of these 3 Western-style coffee shops in Japan!

    Beck’s Coffee Shop

    Beck’s Coffee Shop offers the perfect food and location for a good breakfast. Its branches are conveniently located near train stations and airports all throughout Japan. Its popular morning set is priced at only 400 yen including tax. It comes with your favorite drink, hot beverages you can choose from include blended coffee, deep-roasted coffee, America coffee, espresso, cafe latte, hot milk, black tea, lemon tea, or jasmine tea. Cold beverages include iced tea, iced milk, iced cafe latte, iced coffee, iced lemon, iced jasmine tea, orange juice, and apple juice. The morning set is only available until 11.00 am Also take note that products and prices may vary slightly among stores.

    Doutor Coffee

    Doutor Coffee was the first European-style cafe that opened in Tokyo’s famous district Harajuku. It was founded by Toriba Hiromichi, and they started out as a coffee beans wholesaler. The company grew rapidly and it even expanded outside of Japan. It is primarily popular for its roasted coffee which has the taste most people love. The method used in producing the coffee is laborious and time-consuming. If you’re after richly flavored coffee beans, then this is definitely the place for you. Doutor’s morning set is priced at 400 yen and is available until 10.30 am.

    Hoshino Coffee

    Hoshino Coffee is a popular chain in Japan that serves hand-drip coffee. It is an old-fashioned coffee house designed with dark wood accents. It is also popular for its souffle cakes which come with your choice toppings and whipped butter. The breakfast menu includes omelet, soups, sandwiches, french toast, etc. Each morning set is priced between 500 and 600 yen, depending on your order. The shop also sells hot and iced drinks, as well as beer.

    Breakfast will surely never be the same again once you get to try one of these 3 coffee shops in Japan!

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