3 Important Tips to Keep In Mind When You Attend a Japanese Wedding

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  • You may have the opportunity to attend a Japanese wedding, but you may be unsure of what you should or should not do. This short article will highlight 3 important points when attending a wedding in Japan!


    It is customary to give a gift in the form of money which is called Goshugi. The money will usually be put into a fancy envelope called Goshugi-bukuro. Guests write their names on the envelopes and hand them over to the receptionists instead of directly giving them to the couple. A crucial thing to note is that you should not give the money in an even amount, but rather an odd amount. So we don’t give 20,000 yen or 40,000 yen. Instead, 30,000 or 50,000 is reasonable. 30,000 yen for friend and 50,000 yen for the best friend or family/relatives is average. This is because an even amount such as 20.000 or 40,000 can be divided or split into two, which almost translates to the couple divorcing. The money should also be clean and new, and not have any markings or folds.

    Taboo Words

    At the wedding, you should avoid mentioning any words associated with splitting, such as divorce and cut. This applies even when you want to send a written note indicating whether you will or will not be attending the wedding. The Japanese believe in kotodama, which could be described as the power of words becoming true if you mention them. Thus, you should be cautious of your words, and try your best to avoid saying any of them, even in instances when you and your friends want to split the bill!

    Hikigashi or Hikidemono

    Guests will be given a gift called Hikigashi or Hikidemono which will be placed on or by the seats. The gifts are given to guests as a thank you gesture for attending the wedding. Hikidemono gifts are usually tableware but in recent times, gift catalogs have become more popular. Guests would be able to choose the gifts they want from the catalog and have the gifts delivered to their houses! As for hikigashi, they are confections such as baumkuchen. Guests should take the gifts instead of leaving empty-handed.

    For tips on how women should dress up for the wedding, you can head over here. Have you been to a Japanese wedding? Do share more of the do’s and don’ts in the comments below to enlighten fellow readers!

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