Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon’s Starter Pokemon Revealed! Which Would You Choose?

  • You have likely heard about the 2 new games by the Pokémon franchise, called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The games are set to be released in the United States on the 18th of November 2016, while folks in Europe have to wait till 23rd of November 2016 to get their hands on these games. The starter Pokemon have been revealed recently, so read on to know about these cute creatures!

    The Starter Pokemon

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    As with the previous Pokemon games, the tradition is to offer the players to choose 1 out of the 3 different starters. Each starter Pokemon would be of a different element, and depending on the elemental Pokemon chosen, gamers will get an advantage or disadvantage at the beginning of the game.


    Among the starter Pokemon is this grass and flying-type Pokemon named Rowlet, which looks strikingly similar to an owl. It can turn his head around 180º which it regularly does in battle when receiving the player’s instructions. It attacks using razor sharp leaves and it has a special ability called Overgrow.


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    The next Pokemon is a called Litten, which is a cat-like creature that is cool-headed, logical, and does not show its emotions upfront. Like a cat, it would groom its fur, upon which it collects the oil from the fur to be used to fuel its fire attacks, as it is a fire-type Pokemon.


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    The third Pokemon is this goofy and playful water-type Pokemon which resembles a sea lion. Its fighting skills involve acrobatic stunts, and it can create a bubble to be used as a gymnastic ball. This Pokemon is called Popplio, and looks like it is the most cheerful out of the 3.

    Which Pokemon would you pick if you were to play the new Pokemon games? Judging from designs alone, I am fond of Rowlet. Its ability to turn his head around 180º is such a unique quirk! You can watch the video introducing the starter Pokemon here which would help you to better decide which Pokemon to pick!

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