Have you heard about Japanese Love Hotels?

  • A Love Hotel is not just a normal hotel where people come for a short stay during a holiday or a business trip, but it is a real place for “acts of Love”. These days, this kind of hotels is widely available around the world under different names, such as No-Tell Motel and Couple Hotel; however, in Japan, this term got taken to a whole new level.

    Love hotels can be found everywhere in Japan. In big cities, there are even love hotel areas, for example, Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya, Tokyo where many such hotels are located. In smaller cities, love hotels are usually located in the suburbs.

    The customers of Love Hotels vary. They are couples/married couples who want new experiences or just some private space since houses and apartments in Japan are relatively small; or prostitutes needing a “workplace”; bosses and mistresses, high school students, and even people who just didn’t find any business hotel nearby!

    Unlike “normal hotels”, the entrances to these are very secret, also most of the check-in booths are controlled by electric devices. Customers can check in, check out and order meals by using provided devices, which reduces the interaction between customers and hotel staffs to the minimum, and gives the customers great comfort and complete privacy.

    Screens and computers for check-in service

    These hotels open 24 hours. However, just like with any other kind of service, the prices are different for am and pm, weekdays and weekends.

    A Love Hotel price sign in Shinjuku, Tokyo

    In a love hotel, they got everything that might be needed for sex.

    Lingerie and sex toys sold at the lobby
    Some of rooms

    There are many different types of rooms. They vary from the most luxurious rooms with hot tubs and king-size beds to the themed room, such as classroom, on-a-boat room and subway room.

    One of the luxurious rooms

    A mordern Western style bedroom with glass windows

    On-a-boat style room

    Subway style room

    Looking for a rough night like in the movie 50 Shades of Grey? These are for you!
    Love hotel 10

    Clinic style bedroom

    How about making love on a merry-go-round?


    The love hotel industry is said to be a recession-proof industry. Unlike 5-star-luxury hotels which got affected by economic depression with the fall in the number of stays and profit, love hotel industry estimated profit is around 130 million dollars a day thanks to those crazy themed bedrooms.

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