Check out McDonald’s Japan’s Fun and Comical Animation to Inspire Fresh New Recruits!

  • McDonald’s started its latest campaign through an encouraging, fun, and comical animated video to inspire some new young recruits. The animation displays everyday events associated with working at McDonald’s from the ardent hospitality of its crew members to all the deliciously appetizing burgers and fries.

    So let’s take a brief look at how McDonald’s even started in Japan and the new animation that’s being used to inspire some new McDonald’s crew members in Japan!

    The beginning of McDonald’s in Japan

    McDonald’s is famous almost everywhere you go around the world and it’s no different here in Japan, you can find McDonald’s practically anywhere in Japan. McDonald’s was introduced to Japan in 1971 by Den Fujita who managed to somehow convince the Japanese people that “the reason Japanese people are so short and have yellow skins is because they have eaten nothing but fish and rice for two thousand years… If we eat McDonald’s hamburgers and potatoes for a thousand years we will become taller, our skin become white, and our hair blonde.” So with that said, it wasn’t long before the global fast-food chain took off and climbed it’s way to the top. McDonald’s Japan exceeded all stores annual sales of 50 billion yen in December 1980 and 1000 billion yen in 1984.

    With its appealing menu and quality of service, McDonald’s has become a huge part of people’s everyday consumption in Japan, and around the world. As a result, McDonald’s is always looking to recruit fresh young faces to continue the growth and success of the company.

    The fun new animated video

    The new animated video campaign helps new young recruits see the fun, bright aspect of working for McDonald’s Japan by basing the animation (produced by Studio Colorido) on the character, Sumire Hibino’s journey of working part-time for McDonald’s as a first-year college student, working alongside another college student, Ikumi Hoshino.

    The animation takes viewers through Sumire’s entire journey from application to starting work immediately and how she handles different situations in the workplace. It also provides a good example of Japanese hospitality as well as the company’s values and philosophies such as working with a smile.

    Also as an added bonus, Sumire Hibino’s character is voiced by Rin Okabe from AKB48!

    In reality, it’s common for students to work part-time in Japan and in other parts of the world, to finance their studies. However, this new animated video has a fun and comical way of encouraging young new recruits, as well as displaying the great pride that Japan take in their customer service and hospitality.

    Check out the full animated video here!

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