Get your Fill of Gourmet Local Delicacies from Regions All Over Japan in Akihabara!

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  • Traveling all over Japan is considered a dream for many people, including the Japanese. One particular aspect as to why traveling to all 47 prefectures is so appealing is getting the opportunity to taste and compare all the local cuisine and delicacies associated with each region. However, as you can imagine, achieving this would require a lot of effort, and could prove to be rather time-consuming and expensive.

    Good news! There’s no need to pack your things at all as the ‘B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Aki-Oka Caravane’ in Akihabara is the perfect place to do just that. Everyone has the opportunity to try gourmet local cuisine from various prefectures in one place – which makes it much less effort and super easy to access.

    B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Aki-Oka Caravane

    The B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Aki-Oka Caravane is the official permanent setup of the B-1 Grand Prix food fest in Akihabara that started in July last year. The caravane is easy to spot because there are a number of trailers and kitchen cars all lined up in a row with plenty of food banners promoting what they have on offer.

    B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Day

    The newest lineup was introduced in March and sold a variety of local cuisines from various prefectures in Japan. The B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Day started in April where every second Sunday of the month special events and sales will take place.

    With 15 different menus on offer, certainly not everyone may have the appetite for gulping down all the delicious food available. So this is why half size portions have been introduced too – which is perfect for those that would like to try everything! Or the other option is splitting full-size portions with friends if you’re venturing out in a group.

    New Menu Line-Up

    Curious as to what some of the new menus will be? Well, to commemorate the recent opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen, 4 new menus featuring delicious Hokkaido cuisine will be available. These include the popular Genghis Khan and the Otaru Ankake Yakisoba. The other 11 menus will feature local cuisines from other areas throughout Japan.

    So, there you go! The B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Aki-Oka Caravane is a fantastic place in the fun and exciting Akihabara district, where you get to experience a variety of local gourmet dishes all in the one place. It’s open from 11 in the morning so when it’s a time for a hefty lunch be sure to drop by and make the most of the various local delicacies on offer!

    B-1 Grand Prix Shokudo Aki-Oka Caravane Website


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