This Japanese Idol Group Makes Your Smartphone Operate By Itself In Their Music Video!

  • Music videos play a big role in attracting the attention of viewers. Ever have a song on TV that you immediately skipped just because you can’t stand the music video? Or have you ever stayed and watched a music video just because it is so interesting despite its mediocre music? Music videos can really make or break a song if you are both watching and listening. If you are looking for a new concept of music video, you may want to watch the latest music video by Lyrical School!

    In the competitive world of music videos, producers have to keep coming up with new and unique ideas which can make their music videos go viral! In 2015, Namie Amuro’s Golden Touch music video became viral and received praise from the Western media. The music video was special because it gave viewers a unique experience just by placing a finger on the center of the music video.

    Recently, a hip-hop idol group called Lyrical School has captured attention due to an outstanding music video concept for their single RUN and RUN. Lyrical School (often stylized, along with the members’ own names in lowercase letters) is a band that is comprised of 6 girls. It was formed in 2010, and it was previously named tengal6. The current members are ayaka, ami, ainan, mei, hina, and yumi.

    The music video for RUN and RUN is designed to be watched from a smartphone. It is a vertical movie which makes you feel as if your smartphone is operating on its own, what with the shift between different apps such as Facetime and Vine in the music video.

    It is suggested to use the YouTube app to view the video. Most importantly, you need to view it from your smartphone for the best effects! You can watch the video here. If you become more interested in the band after watching the video, you can take some time to visit the band’s official website too!

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