3 Cafes in Tokyo to Relax and Sip the Perfect Matcha Latte

  • For many centuries now, the green tea called matcha has long been popular in the country. It has even crossed the Pacific Ocean and sailed into the different parts of the world. These days, it has been added into latte flavors making it a healthy option for people. If you want to add this up to your morning routine, you can visit these three cafes serving the perfect matcha latte in Tokyo.

    Yojiya Cafe

    Yojiya Cafe is popular for distributing cosmetics such as the blotting paper used by women in removing excess oils on the face. Aside from this, the shop also serves coffee such as matcha lattes or cappuccino which are either served hot or cold. The cappuccino is non-sweetened while matcha cappuccino is sweetened. These are beautifully designed with the company’s logo, a face of a woman. Desserts are also available to go with the drinks such as salmon cream spaghetti, tofu tiramisu and tuna sandwiches. You can look for the cafe at Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs (Basement 1).


    Kosoan Tea House

    This tea house is located in a hidden area in Tokyo with a beautiful garden. If you stroll around Jiyugaoka in Meguro, you will find this traditional tea house which is just a 10-minute walk from the station. The house is made of wood with tatami flooring and a quaint garden. You can definitely find matcha lattes in here and they are one of the best options on the menu. This is normally served with red bean sweets or other side dishes.


    Kabaya Coffee

    This coffee shop, which has been opened since 1939, makes a great place to wind down and forget about the busy things in life. It sits on a small corner in the city which is the perfect place to watch the world go by. Many foreign people come to this cafe to taste its ever-popular matcha latte which is sold at 500 yen per cup (hot or cold). The latte is regarded as life-changing perfection with all its foam and subtle sweetness!


    These places are some of the must-try cafes serving matcha lattes in Tokyo area. Next time you sit down and ponder things, go for a matcha break!

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