Get Your Hands on the Most Delicious Custard Pudding Options in the Tokyo Area!

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  • Custard Pudding, also known as “purin” in Japanese, is a flan-like cold dessert which is adored by everyone in Japan. Unlike other puddings, it has a firmer texture with caramel sauce on top. It is available in many different flavors such as chocolate, pumpkin, green tea and so on. Since this is a basic sweet considered to be a heavenly dessert in the country, why not enjoy some of it yourself at three of the best places in Tokyo perfect for savoring the custard pudding’s taste!

    Tamago Kobo Ueno

    pudding tamago kobo

    Tamago Kobo is located in Nishitama-gun, Tokyo and serves great quality of fresh eggs, pudding and roll cakes. Custard puddings are so soft and rich in flavor derived from fresh produce in a nearby farm. Though it takes quite a while to reach the place on foot (30 minutes) as it is located in the outskirts of the city, it is still worthwhile as the puddings are absolutely delicious! A mildly sweet caramel is placed at the bottom which perfectly combines with the rest of the ingredients.



    Asakusa Silk Pudding

    pudding asakusa silk

    A popular pudding outlet which you can see in Tokyo is Asakusa Silk Pudding. It has various custard pudding flavors to try such as milk, caramel, black sesame, coffee, green tea, strawberry, chocolate, royal milk tea, and cheese. It comes in a retro-style chic jar or glass which is a great way for preserving the flavors. If you can’t visit the store itself, you may order the treats online through their website.




    A traditional confectionery shop called Tsukushi is popular for its signature custard pudding. It is located in an old shopping town called Ningyocho in the central part of Tokyo’s Nihonbashi. Their pudding is dense and rich in egg custard with an intense caramel sauce. It is delicately made and creates an amazing taste. Aside from pudding, the cafe also offers classical sweets of many variations.



    These simple yet delicious custard puddings are something you’ll definitely love and want to share with your friends. Don’t forget to visit these three places if you’re on the lookout for heavenly sweets in Tokyo!

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