Make Showering Fun with This Fragrant Japanese Invention!

  • Japan is well known for presenting the world with inventions you never thought you needed. From the amazing toilets that not only speak, flush, and warm your behind on command, to the screens and machines in restaurants that take your order without any need for human interaction, it definitely is the land of practical inventions.

    It is also the land of cuteness, where people just dress up for the sole purpose of looking adorable. There is even one word in the Japanese language that encompasses this trend completely, the well-known word ‘kawaii’, which one cannot go a day without saying in this country. (FYI do NOT confuse ‘kawaii’ with ‘kowai’ though, as this means ‘scary’ – amazing what a difference one letter can make!) It should come to no surprise they were able to combine the two into practical yet very cute innovations. Here you can read about one of their latest inventions in this category: the soap ball!

    Soft and Malleable

    Now, what can be so mind-blowing about a humble piece of soap you might ask? Well, Japanese cosmetics company Miyabi Cosmetics is set to change all you know about soap. Their Hiruan-dama line of soaps uses natural Asian ingredients along with hyaluronic acid that not only is functional for their cleansing and moisturizing effect but mixes it with special Japanese engineering for a one of a kind tactile sensation.

    These soap balls come in the form of a soft jelly-like ball that is quite soft to the touch and malleable. They come in a gorgeous box, which is definitely part of the fun! The soap itself is encased in a balloon-like structure that you have to pop open with something sharp like a toothpick. Once the popped balloon is removed, it reveals the beautiful soap within.


    The soaps themselves come in multiple varieties from lemon grass, lime mint, tea tree, rose, natural, and even lavender fragrance. Despite the beautiful shape it is quite functional and lathers up like regular soap, but having a smooth, pleasing and round texture makes a simple chore like hand washing quite a pleasure.

    So if you want something that is both beautiful and functional and most definitely an eye-pleasing addition to your bathroom, make sure you check out these good feeling soaps. I recently found this in a store in Tokyo Sky Tree for those in the Tokyo area, and if you want to buy them online you can click here (Japanese only). Happy hand washing!

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