Here are 4 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Fukushima

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  • Fukushima Prefecture is located in the Tohoku region of Honshu. Its capital city is considered to be a ‘Kingdom of Fruits’ in Japan, owing to the bountiful seasonal fruits that are harvested all throughout the year (click here for more information about fruit picking). Though part of the prefecture was heavily devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, it has continued to stand firm during these years of rehabilitation. On a lighter note, it is still one of the nicest places in Japan to visit for tourists, offering lovely travel destinations. Here are 4 places which continue to make Fukushima stand out!

    Iizaka Onsen

    Iizaka town is located in the northern part of Fukushima City which is popular for hot springs. One of these is Iizaka Onsen which is highly distinguished from the rest as a spa. It is also the biggest onsen in the northeastern part of Japan. The onsen resort contains several Japanese inns alongside the Surikami River, and they offer a perfect night view. It can also host thousands of guests at the same time for example for company events.

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    Hanamiyama Park

    This park is located just outside central Fukushima. It is a privately owned field which is used for growing different kinds of flowers and ornamental trees. In 1959, it was converted into a public park known for the magnificent cherry blossoms scattered all over the landscape. Because of this, thousands of visitors flock to the place every year, especially during spring, just to see and admire the beauty of the many flowers.

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    Bandai-Azuma Skyline

    This is a scenic road located in a mountainous area. It provides a panoramic course allowing people to weave through beautiful spots located in the mountain. The driving course starts at Takayu Onsen (discovered 400 years ago) where the scenery gradually changes from an urban area to a desolate mountainous area. The course spans through Tsubakuru Valley which is one of the eight picturesque sights of Azuma.

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    The halfway point of Bandai-Azuma Skyline will lead you to Jododaira, which is an area full of alpine plants. This is considered to be a heavenly banquet overlooking rich nature and awesome views. The place is best enjoyed through nature hiking and mountain climbing. Please note this area is closed during the winter season.

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    So the next time you travel, why not put these 4 lovely destinations on your itinerary? With the beautiful parks, hots springs, and mountains, traveling to Fukushima is surely worthwhile.

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