Go to Poundーya Roppongi for the Tastiest Wagyu Beef at a Great Price!

  • In an unassuming corner on a street off of the main Roppongi crossing in Tokyo, at just a 2-minute walk from the Roppongi station sits a cozy restaurant. They serve easily one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your wagyu beef fix on. Welcome to Pound-ya: a specialty restaurant whose Japanese hamburg is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but quite a bargain. They offer a wide variety of meat on their menu, but their real specialty is Japanese black beef and wagyu beef, mixed with regular domestic meat to make their creations. The star of which by far is their Japanese hamburg!

    Crave Worthy Beef


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    Going to Pound-ya is a great way to get an introduction to this fine Japanese product, without breaking the bank. I can attest, as I had my first bite of wagyu at this location, and have been a convert since. There literally has not been a month where I have not been to this location to get my fix, like the addict that I now am.

    The menu has an even more budget friendly lunch menu that features not only the Japanese hamburg, but multiple other dishes, my favorite of which is the thinly sliced beef over rice served with a raw egg. Strange sounding, I know, but trust me, one cannot leave this place without trying it. They have recently started a burger menu as well, though despite being good, I still find myself coming back to the hamburg that started my love affair with this restaurant.

    Mix and Match

    For those that are not into beef, there are also pork ribs, chops, and even chicken options. To top it off, you can order a combo of any of the above. Most items come on a sizzling hot platter with a circular raised area for you to continue grilling your dish – meat and veggies to your desired state of doneness. Their sauces made in-house come in 3 or 4 varieties, and there is something to suit every palate.

    Luckily this is the 3rd branch of a chain with one in Kichioji and a branch in Haneda airport. Prices for lunch start as low as 850 to around 1700 yen, and as always prices are based on the weight of the meat. There are multiple side dishes and drinks to boot. So if you are looking for a new hot spot for lunch or a great deal on premium Japanese beef, check out Pound-ya! I promise you won’t regret it!

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