Taste Traditional Japanese Dishes at this Restaurant Hidden in the Mountains Of Saga Prefecture

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  • Aside from experiencing the beautiful sights and culture of Japan, one of the main highlights to take when visiting the country is to try out the local dishes. There are many foods to sample in Japan and surely getting a first-hand experience is the best way to remember some of the famous foods!

    komorebi building

    But have you heard that Japan also has food establishments that are hidden from the crowd? If you’d like to take that experience and head for Saga prefecture, you definitely have to check out the restaurant Komorebi!


    komorebi leaves

    Komorebi (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word used to describe the light filtering through the leaves of a tree. The Komorebi establishment takes on a similarity with the definition as it is hidden in the mountains of Saga. Komorebi is a restaurant specializing in the use of soba noodles or buckwheat and its sprouts in every dish they serve.

    komorebi dishes

    komorebi soba

    Course meals are recommended for first-time visitors to Komorebi, but the menu is split into course meals and a la carte dishes. The course meals are Hinoki, Katsura, Sugi and Wakaba with prices from ¥1,000 to ¥2,300. The interior of the establishment is also split into both high and low tables and also a tatami room where you can freely choose your place.

    As mentioned, all of Komorebi’s dishes are made of buckwheat. From the juice, tea, course meals, and even up to dessert, buckwheat is used as an ingredient and what’s more, these are all locally grown by the owners of Komorebi. If you’re also interested in growing your own buckwheat sprout, they actually sell growing kits too just outside the restaurant!

    If you’re looking for an adventure involving food in Japan, then the hidden restaurant treasure of Saga might be a good spot to check out. It might also be an interesting first experience for you to have a meal with dishes that are all made from buckwheat!

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