What Makes a Man a ”Shiogao Danshi” (Salty Faced Man) and Who is Japan’s Favorite?

  • While each individual is different from one another, there are circumstances where a certain group of people is interested in a specific feature of a person. Japanese women are quite fond of categorizing men into different terms based on the type of look they have. And one of those types is called ‘Shiogao Danshi.’

    Shiogao Danshi

    The word shiogao is a combination of two Japanese words meaning salt and face, while the ‘danshi’ part of the term, is the Japanese word for guy. Young Japanese women use the term shiogao or salty face to categorize a certain guy’s features.

    So you might be wondering what a shiogao danshi looks like. They have a light subtle face, sharp narrow eyes, fair white skin, and a beautiful face line. Shiogao danshi also have a weak image but masculine arms or hands, a prominent adam’s apple and collar bones, messy hair, and is someone who would look good in a v-neck sweater or cardigan and glasses. Simply said, these guys have light features in general.

    Sakaguchi Kentaro (坂口健太郎)

    One perfect and highly admired shiogao danshi in Japan is Sakaguchi Kentaro. Sakaguchi rose to fame being an exclusive model for Men’s Non-no, a fashion magazine in Japan. In the past few years, he also started making appearances as an actor. What made him part of the shiogao danshi trend is his slim, tall structure and his chiseled face.

    Many young girls in Japan started admiring Sakaguchi more after he entered the acting scene and one popular part he played was in the movie adaptation of Ore Monogatari as Sunakawa Makoto.

    So what do you think of the shiogao danshi? For the guys, do you have the features to be considered one? And for the girls, is the shiogao danshi your type? If you’re also interested in Sakaguchi Kentarou, make sure to watch the drama he’s in as well!