How Many Sweets Can You Eat on SweePara Day?

  • It’s hard to deny the fact that the majority of people love to eat food regardless of where they are from. In Japan, no matter how skinny a person may seem to be, you might just be surprised at how one can eat and wonder where all the food they ate went.

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    Japan also loves the term all you can eat or as we call it tabehoudai (食べ放題) and you might have heard it being called ‘Viking’ as well. There are a variety of these buffets all over the country with some of the popular ones including eat all you can meat, pizzas, and yakiniku. Now if sweets are what you’re looking for then and if you’d like to hear more, then you should read all about SweePara Day!

    Sweets Paradise

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    The SweePara Day is conducted by none other than the popular Sweets Paradise. Sweets Paradise is an all you can eat sweets shop that offers 90 (or 70) minutes of all you can eat sweets for only 1530 yen.

    SweePara Day

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    The SweePara Day started on Sweets Paradise’s 10th anniversary in 2013 where they started offering their sweets buffet for only 1000 yen during their anniversary day. This year will be the 4th time they’ll be holding SweePara Day and it’s getting more and more customers every year.

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    Sweets Paradise offers more than 30 selections of all things sweets from cakes, custards, puddings, pastries and even a chocolate fountain and ice cream bar. You may need to take a break from all those, so they also serve pasta and other dishes for you to have some time off.

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    So why am I writing this way before the event day anyway? Well since the event became a huge one, you’ll need to call up Sweets Paradise in advance to make a reservation. While you can opt to go to their stores without one on the event day, chances are that you might be waiting a long time before you can get inside.

    This year’s SweePara Day will be on June 8th so if you’d like to indulge in all things sweet for the day, try to give them a call and make the reservation in advance. The numbers for each Sweets Paradise branch are available at the website below. Make sure to come with an empty tummy and see how many sweets can you handle at this event!

    Sweets Paradise

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