Delicious Planet-Themed Cocktails and Stargazing in Kyoto? What Could Be Better?

  • With summer coming to Japan in about a few more weeks, there is no doubt that the warm summer days and the clear cool nights are some of the things that we are expecting for the season. One of the things you can do during the summer is to go stargazing under the clear sky, but one place is offering you more than that.

    If you’d like to watch the stars under the night sky and accompany the activity with some great and creative drinks, then the place you should check out is the Hoshizora Terrace Cafe & Bar!

    Hoshizora Terrace Cafe & Bar

    The Hoshizora Terrace Cafe & Bar at the Kyoto Century Hotel is a limited cafe and bar open only during the summer season. It is located just in front of the outdoor Chapel Lehua’s garden which targets ladies for its hidden beer garden concept.

    The popular project started out in 2012 combining space and food in a romantic outdoor setting that allows guests to gaze at the stars from the chapel garden. If you’ll be visiting this place, there are two things that you should try out and experience.

    Hoshizora Planet Themed Drinks

    The first thing you’d surely want to check out is the cool and creative hoshizora planet-themed drinks. These are split into 8 alcoholic cocktails and nonalcohol cocktails. The alcoholic cocktails include Mars made of peach nectar and strawberry liqueur, Jupiter with melon liqueur and kiwi syrup and soda, Venus with sparkling wine and mango syrup, and Uranus and Neptune with parfait amour, lychee liqueur, and tonic.

    For those who’d like to order the non-alcoholic cocktails, you can opt to choose from Earth & Moon made with pineapple juice and blue curacao syrup, Mercury with Calpis, lavender syrup and soda, Saturn with mojito mint syrup and soda, or Uranus with kiwi syrup, blue syrup and soda. Other standard cocktails, alcoholic drinks, wine, and coffee are also available.

    Sora Girl

    Thanks to a collaboration with the company Vixen, guests can take their time to relax and watch the night sky with the Sorarira, a night sky observation bed and the telescopes and binoculars are also available for use free of charge. There will also be an event called the Star Party complete with a guide who will be explaining about the summer constellations.

    The Hoshizora Terrace Cafe & Bar (Japanese only) will be opening on May 20th and remain open until September 11th, for approximately 4 months. Not only can you get to experience a creative mix of drinks in Kyoto, but you can also get to see, learn about, and experience a lot of things as well. If you’re near the area or will be visiting Kyoto this summer, make sure to check the place out!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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