Experience Traditional Japanese Onsen and Rooms at the Award-Winning Kifu no Sato

  • Are you up for an unforgettable authentic ryokan experience? Kifu no Sato is the best choice for you. Its name literally means “the home of seasonal melody” and it has proven itself to feel like a home away from home for many visitors. It claims to be a great inn, offering the best seasonal stay with the warmest welcome. It is an enchanting place which consists of an onsen that has been enjoyed over 1,200 years.

    History of the Inn

    Kifu no Sato is located on Japan’s west coast (Yunogo Town of Okayama Prefecture). It was founded in 1933 by Takeshi Sasaki who was extremely popular for his passion for flowers. He’d often share some of them with his neighbors. This passion of his is clearly depicted in his inn which is decorated with a delightful and colorful arrangement of flowers. This makes the inn vibrant and ageless. Many of its hidden corners are very surprising. The inn also received the Universal Design Award in 2011.

    Rooms and Onsens

    Rooms are generously covered in tatami mats and are also designed in traditional Japanese style with tranquil simplicity. What makes up the colorful parts of the design are the flora and mountain views coming from the windows. Each room has a selection of yukatas, a pillow menu, an air-purifier, tailor-made furniture, free internet access and a light Japanese jacket. Some of the rooms are simple yet spacious while others have a sophisticated appeal or access to an open-air bath.

    There are four baths offered by the inn come from Yunogo hot spring. These will provide everyone the comfort and relaxation they need whether it be from long travel or work. The minerals in the water are believed to aid in several ailments such as skin problems, diabetes, rheumatism, menstrual disorders and so on. A private open-air bath with a garden is also available.

    If you would like to relax at this tranquil and traditional inn, make a reservation now. There are only a limited number of rooms available. However, the good news is that online bookings are given a 5% discount on the souvenir shop. Make the reservation and enjoy your stay!

    Kifu no Sato Website

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