Taste Beautifully Crafted Japanese Food at Toku, a Hidden Restaurant in Tokyo

  • Toku is easily one of the best Japanese restaurants with an upscale interior and a menu of timeless cuisines. It is located on the side street of Tokyo in Roppongi but is hidden from the popular areas. Though the restaurant does not cater specifically to English speakers (as there is English-language no signage posted) the chefs are foreign-friendly and will help you out in exploring the different kinds of specialty dishes.

    About The Menu

    Heading to a Japanese restaurant for an ultimate Japanese dining experience can be quite an adventure due to the language barrier. However, this is not the case in Toku where customers do not feel like strangers. Though the menus are basically written in Japanese, the staff members are friendly enough to speak a little English so they can help you out in navigating. The menu starts with the courses offered at reasonable prices not higher than 5,000 yen. There’s a selection of six appetizers: pumpkin, baby squid, dark seaweed, daikon with mustard and citrus soy sauce, ginseng-like root and pickled tomatoes and onions. They come in small quantities so it might even be best to get them all if you come with more than one other person.

    Restaurant Design

    Toku has been designed with a semi-open kitchen making it accessible for customers to watch the chefs prepare their food. Preparing the food in the restaurant is considered to be a work of art which has been mastered by chefs over the years. The ambience is beautifully furnished with light wood decors making it natural, traditional and warm. It is definitely the perfect place to sit side-by-side with family and friends or meet new people from around the world who have the same passion for food.

    Ending the Meal

    The restaurant makes sure you end the meal with a smile. There are specialty desserts which the chef will be present such as the famed kakigori or shaved ice with either tiramisu or matcha as choices of flavors. Toku as a hidden gem is a great culinary adventure for those who love trying out new foods. It will allow you to see the importance of every type of dish as you are expertly guided by the masters of the craft of food.

    Toku’s Tabelog Page

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