3 Incredible Restaurants in Shinjuku: Fancy, Scary and Hilarious?

  • Sinjuku is one of the biggest stations in Tokyo. There are many people, many shops and many restaurants. When you visit Tokyo, I think you should go Shinjuku one time. As I said before, there are many restaurants in Shinjuku, but some of them are quite different from normal restaurants there. The restaurants are really popular among young people because of its cuteness and uniqueness. Here, I’ll introduce those recommend restaurants in Shinjuku!

    1. Alice In Wonderland

    What a cute and fantastic restaurants! This restauran’s concept is from the famous Disney story, “Alice in Wonderland “. Not only just the building, their foods are also cute. If you go there, I think you will feel like that you are in the wonderland just like Alice!

    You can go with your family there, and I think kids April be happy! Also, if you take your girlfriend there, she will be so happy too! I bet you will like this fantsy restaurant!

    2. Christon cafe

    Can you imagine this is in Japan ? Yes it is. This gorgeous restaurant is Christon Cafe, and their concept is “Old Europe “. As the name suggests, the restaurant is just like old Europe, isn’t it? This restaurant is really popular among young girls to get meal together, to have a Gil’s meeting which is really common in Japan, and even to celebrate birthday!

    3. The lock-up

    What a unique restaurant! This is lock-up restaurant, which is just like a jail. As you see, there concept is “Jail”. Not only just its building, the foods are also unique. I bet you will be surprised ! Also, there are some scary events which is limited depending on season.

    Those are look like scary staff for terrified scientists. No. Those are cuctails! What a funny restaurant! You can go there with your friends and I bet you gonna have fun there!!

    Here, I introduced about cute and unique restaurants in Shinjuku. As I said before, there are many restaurants, so you can find other interesting restaurant. However, the restaurants that I showed are really popular in Japan, and Im really sure that you gonna have fun there. You should try those out!

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