Take In the Stunning View While Tasting Fine Grilled Dishes at Peter in the Peninsula Tokyo

  • If you’re longing for some tasty grilled food in a place with a stunning view, you can head to Peter. It is a grill restaurant perched on the 24th floor in Tokyo City which has an inviting atmosphere and an excellent view of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Gardens. It offers premium meat cuts specifically using Japanese beef (wagyu) which makes every bite memorable. There are also special dining offers which you can eat on certain days and occasions. Let’s explore this restaurant!

    peter view

    About the Restaurant

    peter interior

    Peter is located on the 24th floor of Peninsula Tokyo Hotel, a luxury hotel which boasts international designs. The production of the hotel’s exceptional meals is led by Chef Jun Ishii who dedicated his life to cooking. Before working at Peter, he was also a chef at Tokyo Bay Hilton Hotel and Park Hyatt Tokyo. He started working in Peninsula Tokyo Hotel in 2007. Years later, due to hard work and effort, he became the Chef de Cuisine.

    Peter is the ultimate dining getaway for anyone who wants to relax after a long day at work or travel. Its excellent cuisine is a total match for the breathtaking views. It has a wonderful atmosphere that makes customers feel at ease. It has a sophisticated ambiance with the background music to match.

    Dining at Peter

    peter food

    Peter is open daily with varying schedules. Lunch time starts at 11:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm (weekdays) while brunch time is from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm (Sundays). Lunch time extends to 3:00 pm on Saturdays and holidays. Dinner time is from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm. You’ll be greeted by a waiter once you step inside the restaurant who will explain the different menus and specialties available. Most of the items on the menu include beef, which is what the restaurant is best known for. The meat served in the restaurant is served soft and juicy. Since Peter a luxury restaurant, prices can be a little expensive.

    Satisfy your craving at Peter while you bask in a calming and luxurious surrounding with gorgeous views. You’ll definitely want to come back.


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