Brighten Up Your Day With Deliciousness at Shibuya’s Pie Face!

  • Shibuya is an amazing mecca of activity. Take a look at the world famous Shibuya crossing and station where so many people visit just to cross the crosswalk and participate in the multiple events that Shibuya has to offer. From shopping to word class artists and even karaoke bars there is literally something for everyone. However, there’s nothing more impressive than the wide variety of food on offer.

    Shibuya truly is a melting pot of everything, especially when it comes to food. So many various foods from cultures all around the world can be experienced here, one just has to look. However, for those missing their Australian roots, one has to check out the newest Shibuya offering – welcome to Pie Face!

    Pie craze in Australia

    To the uninitiated, meat pies in Australia is a huge cultural phenomenon and so to be able to find one in Tokyo much less in Shibuya is quite a treat. The added bonus is that these pies, complete with their buttery and flaky crusts, come with the cutest faces on top of the crusts themselves. Each flavor represents a different “face”. It almost makes it hard to eat…. almost!

    The best seller

    The best seller bar none is the classic minced meat pie followed closely by their chunky steak. However, the savory pie menu is quite diverse with even the likes of clam chowder and tandoori vegetable, just to name a few, are on offer. For those with a sweet-tooth, not to worry, they also have quite a yummy dessert pie menu as well. I highly recommend their matcha and black bean one along with their adzuki bean, a Japanese store specialty.

    They also have a variety of tea and coffee available, that can be included in set menus if desired. The latte’s also have a smiley face on the foam to match! So hurry on down to Shibuya’s Modi’s department store for this delicious treat, although there is another shop in Kawasaki (Access) if that is closer to you. Either place is yummy in my books. Itadakimasu!

    Modi Department Website


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