Please enjoy your fill of the genuine taste of Kyoto at selected 5 cafe of “wa”

  • Kyoto, a city with a long history and a special atmosphere not found anywhere else
    In this update, I’d like to introduce cafés where you can enjoy distinctive sweets and wagashi made using matcha and hojicha tea. Prepared in stylish shapes, these full of the Japanese mood of “wa.”
    How would you like to try some distinctively Kyoto-style sweets made from tea rather than coffee?

    Iemon salon Kyoto

    This café proposes a new lifestyle concept.
    A Kyoto townhouse converted to a contemporary café is truly a place to enjoy tea. This café offers not only alcohol and snacks created using tea, but a full meals menu under the supervision of a famous Kyoto restaurant.


    Yojiya cafe

    This café is run by Yojiya, the company that is famous for its oil blotting paper, which is a must-have Kyoto souvenir item. The company runs three cafes in Kyoto.
    The Sagano-arashiyama café makes use of an old family home and has that “wa” look that is so characteristic of Kyoto.
    Be sure to check out not only the sweets created using matcha and the limited time only, seasonal lunch menu, but also the café goods which are only available at this branch.


    Saryo Tsujiri Kyoto Isetan Branch

    A café where you can enjoy light meals and sweets made using matcha and hojicha teas developed by Tsujiri, a maker of Uji tea.
    This café is so popular that lines of customers always form on national holidays, which is when people have time to relax and fully enjoy the taste and aroma of thick matcha.
    We also recommend dropping into the Kyoto Isetan store, a branch that offers superb access. Goods made from tea and sweets that make good souvenirs are also on sale.


    Gion Koishi

    The café for Japanese-style sweets at this candy store that was established in Kyoto about 70 years ago offers a range of gourmet sweets such as muscovado sugar syrup ice cream made using the store’s “secret muscovado sugar syrup.” You can enjoy things a bit differently here, with a range of items from sweets with a subtle sweetness to hot drinks made using muscovado sugar.



    This is a café where you can enjoy a relaxing time while gazing at Kawaharacho Dori, the heart of Kyoto. Please enjoy your fill of the genuine taste of Kyoto.

    Regular holiday:Tue.

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