Do you know Takeru Satoh and his 5 Gorgeous Personalities in the Kamen Rider Series?

  • A lot of people know Takeru Satoh (佐藤健) as the fictional wandering samurai, Rurouni Kenshin where he played the role of the legendary redhead, Kenshin Himura, whose name commanded fear before Japan’s restoration era. So, if you’re a fan of the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy like I am, we may agree that the movie installment is Satoh’s major breakthrough.

    What many don’t know is that before he dominated the big screen with that renowned red hair and ‘X’ on his cheek, he was originally a masked hero who battled villains who were intent on destroying the balance of time. Takeru Satoh played the leading role of Ryotaro Nogami in the popular Kamen Rider Den-O series that was released in 2007 where he showcases his skills and flexibility by portraying 5 different hero personalities.

    Let’s take a closer look and meet each of his 5 captivating personas.

    1. Momotaros

    A rash personality and the epitome of a classic city punk is what Takeru Satoh portrays when his character is possessed by the Imagin Momotaros.

    Notable attributes include the development of an enhanced physical build along with increased strength befitting his attitude. For those of you wondering what a ‘badass’ Takeru Satoh looks like, this persona has you covered.

    2. Urataros

    A heartthrob with class is what becomes of Ryotaro upon taking on the persona of Urataros. He’s got the good looks and crafty words that can woo the girls and makes him very popular. He takes on the personality of a famous idol whose charisma alone is enough to melt the hearts of all the girls – a true example of real eye-candy!

    3. Kintaros

    Even before Satoh sported the traditional Japanese kimono in his role as a wandering samurai, he first displayed a noble side with Kintaros’ personality. He takes on the attitude of a martial artist that prides himself for upholding a noble attitude even when faced with formidable enemies in battle. A cool, handsome character with yellow and black highlights in his hair!

    4. Ryutaros

    A combined personality of confidence and recklessness is what Satoh portrays when possessed by Ryutaros. His trademark appearance embodies a 1980s break dancer and is usually accompanied by unfortunate incidents of breaking anything every time he finds himself losing control – which is a regular occurrence. However, he’s fun to be with until he gets carried away and starts destroying things.

    5. Sieg

    There are many girls that dream of meeting a real-life prince who is generally portrayed (in old childhood stories) as noble, handsome men who ward off and conquer evil for the good of the kingdom and the princess, of course. Ryotaro transforms into a prince-like character every time Sieg possesses him despite not being under a formal contract. Good looks and a gentle attitude – character traits of a noble prince.

    Takeru Satoh nailed it in his role as the anime fan-favorite, Rurouni Kenshin, but his acting prowess goes beyond just portraying a traditional character who wields a back-bladed sword. He’s a handsome and flexible artist that Japan can definitely be proud of.

    So, after meeting his 5 alternate personalities, which is your favorite?

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