Check These 3 Gorgeous Spring Flower Destinations in Japan!

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  • Did you know that Japanese people love flowers? One of their favorites is the beautiful wisteria, which has captivated the interest of the Japanese for a long time. It consists of clusters of flowers which gorgeously sway in the wind, creating an enjoyable sight. There are actually several locations for one to witness wisteria in full bloom. Here are 3 destinations where you can enjoy wisteria in Japan!

    Ashikaga Flower Park

    This park is a flower haven during all seasons. Not only wisteria can be enjoyed in this park but there are several other kinds of flowers on display such as tulips, roses, irises, hydrangeas, water lilies, pansies, violas, and more. The Japanese wisteria is in full bloom from the middle of April to the middle of May. You can also see the Great Wisteria which around 150 years old. A festival is held in its honor from April 18 to May 17. It is also said that the different colored wisteria bloom in order, from pale red, purple, and white to yellow. So you can enjoy varying colors during one full month!

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    Miyama No Sato Shinrin Park

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    The longest wisteria trail can be found in Miyama no Sato in Hidakagawa (Wakayama Prefecture), which is 1,646 meters in length. It boasts a beautiful landscape and it is frequented by many visitors each year. You can admire the beautiful wisteria flowers by going up an observatory tower. From there you can see the beautiful wisteria lining the path, which creates a tunnel of beauty.

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    Yokosuka Shobu-en

    Yokosuka Shobu-en is a garden located in Kanagawa, which is full of surprises. It is a beautiful place to explore, as they have many different kinds of flowers. There are lots of resting spots in the garden. On one side is a garden covered by wisteria, which gives it a dreamlike atmosphere. However, there is one thing to be mindful of in this beautiful natural area, make sure to protect yourself from mosquitoes with insect repellant, and beware of snakes as they may be lurking in the area.

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    These beautiful wisteria destinations are a treat for you eyes and soul. It is one of the best ways to enjoy nature!

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