Discover Kyoto’s Wild Nature: Forest Train and River Cruise

  • The world is full of the wonderful places to visit. And many of these places can be found in the Land of the Rising Sun. That is why Japan is always packed with visitors from all over the world.

    Why is Kyoto popular?

    One of the most traveled places in Japan is Kyoto. That is because nature has found a way to mix with the historical beauty of temples, shrines and towns in the city. The richly preserved Japanese traditions, its architecture and natural sceneries make a well-rounded ambiance for relaxation. But don’t you know that aside from the temples and museums, there are many must-do activities in Kyoto that allow you to be closer to nature?

    Sagano Scenic Railway

    The Sagano Scenic Railway or Sagano Romantic Train, as the name depicts, is a romantic 7 kilometer train ride that gives you a scenic view of mountains, rivers and forests. The train departs from Torokko Saga Staion, which is next to JR Saga-Arashimaya Station. Upon departure, you will see a part of Arashimaya. As the ride goes deeper, scenes of lush green forest, river and mountains await you and if you are lucky, you might see animals such as deer, in the vicinity. The ride is best taken during autumn when the green forest turns into different shades of red and the air is beginning to cool down.

    The ride during spring is also breathtaking. The Cherry Blossom foliage is a scene one must capture during this season. Do not worry, the train is slow enough for you to take pictures. If you forgot to take your camera with you, there are photographers on the train taking pictures that you can buy.
    Torokko Saga Staion Access

    Hozugawa River Cruise

    Do not ride the train back to Torokko Saga Station, but rather, take the Hozugawa River Cruise. The boats are made up of flat fiberglass but sturdy enough to withstand bumping into rocks during the journey. It is a safe ride with small rapids and thrills adding adventure to the natural scenery. It usually takes from 80 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the current providing longer time near the forest to see the wild animals. Since it is a tepid ride compared to white water river rafting, it will be an enjoyable activity for kids. Take note, there is a chance of getting wet when taking this ride.

    Kyoto is home to majestic shrines and temples, but take a break from strolling and enjoy a little adventure through Kyoto’s forest. Take the Romantic train ride and go back to Kyoto by an adventure-filled Hozugawa River Cruise for a new nature experiences!

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